21 Tips for Your College Interview

We get SO many questions about interviews that we’ve decided to consolidate some of our advice. Interviews are not the most important part of your application, so above all else: RELAX.

  1. Relax. Really. Please Relax.

  2. Prepare for your interview, but don’t rehearse. Go in sounding natural and conversational.

  3. Look into classes you would take based on the (very specific) interests you’ve demonstrated throughout high school.

  4. Do the same with campus extra-curriculars.

  5. Don’t be awkward.

  6. Dress to impress. Think Sunday best, not red carpet.

  7. Wear a color! Express yourself (within the bounds of ‘Sunday best’…bright nail polish is A OK).

  8. If they ask, “what’s your favorite book,” don’t answer with something that’s assigned reading.

  9. MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT! (You’d be shocked at how many students can’t do this).

  10. Greet them with a firm (albeit unharming) handshake.

  11. Be prepared with a list of questions.

  12. Go for a long walk before. Clear your head.

  13. Be prepared to answer questions about what you’ve accomplished in high school—from projects to personal growth.

  14. Have fun. (it sounds corny, but it’s true).

  15. Be ready to talk about what you’re looking forward to, from free time to your intended major.

  16. DO NOT say you’re an undecided major. Speak (very specifically) about exactly where you’re headed. Even if you’re not really sure.

  17. If it’s an alumni interview, write a thank you note and reference points of the conversation you actually had.

  18. Be prepared to answer questions about your favorite songs, activities, and movies

  19. Have fun. It sounds corny, but it’s true. If you really want to go to this school, you should have fun thinking and talking about all it has to offer.

  20. Breathe. Seriously. The point is to connect with the interviewer. This is not a test. It’s a human conversation. Be a human.

  21. Don’t have bad breath.

Need some help preparing for your interview? Just call us. We’re great at helping students prepare for all aspects of the college application process.