Should I Schedule an On-Campus Interview?

There are so many components to the application process, it can be hard to determine exactly the right recipe for success. Campus interviews are certainly the most interactive piece of the application puzzle, but are they right for everyone?


You are just embarking on your college application journey. Maybe you’re feeling a mixture of emotions right now. You’ve heard the horror stories and tales of victory from your older peers, perhaps been anxious about the SATs, and maybe even a little excited, too. You’re also narrowing down the list of college visits you’d like to make and while spending a weekend (or several) in the car or on a plane with your parents might seem annoying now, you will likely make memories you’ll cherish down the road. So, how should you prepare? Is the college visit just a chance for a hard-earned vacation with some tours sprinkled in here and there?  

We believe that you should make the most of campus visits and part of doing that means demonstrating to the schools of your choice that you are a great and motivated candidate. So why not schedule interviews at every school you visit? If you find, after your visit, that a school with whom you’ve interviewed is not right for you, that’s ok. At least you got some interview practice in for a school that is a great fit. There is literally no downside. Just make sure you are well-prepared, dressed to impress, and remember to write a thank you note after.


So, you did it. You completed the PSAT, the SAT, and the ACT. You endured the hardship of AP classes and testing. You finally completed those college essays, picked your top choice, and applied Early Decision. You made it through the seemingly endless slog of administrative and academic hurdles and you are stronger because of it. So, why are you feeling so nervous?

At this point in the application process, many students are freaking out and wondering how they can put a cherry on top of the beautiful application sundae they’ve already served up. Is a last-minute interview the cherry you need?

The short answer is “no.”

While it may be hard to accept, you’ve already done the work. Now is the time to let it go and trust that you did your best. Getting on a plane to a far-off city will not make up points on your SAT score and it will not improve your teacher recommendations, so try to brush it off if you can. If, however, you think about the prospect of not getting in and wondering forever why you didn’t do an interview, then you should consider doing it for your own sanity. (No criticism here--sanity is really important), but otherwise, your time is probably best spent elsewhere.

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