Packages for Juniors

the edge: the TKG junior package

This package is ideal for juniors in high school who want to gain an advantage over their peers by completing their applications well before deadlines approach. The amount of stress our students forego by being finished with their applications before senior year is hard to understate.  

One of the primary benefits of our Junior Package is that we help students get involved in the practical activities they will need to succeed both in and after college. (For example, we’ve helped students applying to undergraduate business programs establish their own businesses.)

The package begins with an initial consultation and discussion of the student’s preferences and goals. We then help the student pick their classes to create an ideal academic schedule, prioritize and maximize their extracurricular activities, help plan their summer, and assist with any testing inquiries or scheduling questions. Come senior year, we work with them on the Common App essay and the Common App activities supplement. We also construct a detailed timeline for application season inclusive of early decision, early action, and regular decision applications. Our students typically apply to a number of safety, target, and reach schools.

Students and parents can speak with their counselor anytime throughout the program and parents will receive a status report every other week.