Packages for Seniors

A to Z: the TKG senior package

Our most comprehensive offering, this package could also be called the “stress-free package.” We take students through the entire college application process, starting as soon as they’re ready to dig in. Designed to reduce pressure while maximizing outcomes, each student works closely with one of our expert college counselors, all of whom hold at least one Ivy League degree. Together, they assemble a comprehensive school list, complete all of the essays, applications, and supplements, and, ultimately, choose the school they will attend. Beyond filling out prompts, our consultants serve as a friend in each student’s corner, supporting them through a time that is inherently stressful, but that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our process takes into account more than what a transcript can show, ensuring that every student will go to a school that isn’t just great, but that is also great for them.

Our process isn’t linear, but there are a few things that always happen:

  • We get to know each child on a personal level. After spending 10+ hours talking about their passions, hopes, and even fears, we have the privilege of knowing your child better than nearly any educator or in-school counselor.

  • We provide a workshopping experience. Every great writer has an even better editor, but for some reason, seniors in high school are led to believe that if they aren’t “doing it alone” they are somehow cheating. We reject this idea by offering a workshopping-style writing experience based on top-level university writing programs. The writing skills our students learn apply outside of their applications, and even into college.

  • We approach supplements comprehensively. Addressing supplements in isolation makes for a fragmented application precisely when a student needs to be presenting their most composed self. We look at each application as a whole, designing every piece, whether there are no supplemental essays or ten, to further illuminate the student.

  • We think outside the box(es). If your student has faced truly unusual circumstances, we work with them on an “additional information section” that provides more context for any hiccups in their transcript, resume, or anywhere else in their application.

  • We take choosing schools seriously. Building a good college list takes expertise, understanding, and a little bit of distance. Choosing schools can be emotional, even political, and it can be hard to separate the possible from the probable. We work with students to build college lists that are well-distributed, thoughtfully-curated, and that only include schools that match with their aspirations, passions, and social needs.

  • We Plan Ahead. Most of our students choose to apply somewhere Early Decision (ED). However, all of our students still complete Regular Decision applications before ED decisions are released. While our primary goal is to help each student get into the best school possible, our secondary goal is to reduce stress while improving outcomes. High stress results in bad writing, so we don’t wait until the final hour to do RD applications.

Students who have used this package have gotten into many of the world’s most renowned colleges and universities including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, UPenn, Cornell, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, Duke, Brown, USC, NYU, Haverford, Hamilton, Colgate, Vassar, Wake Forest, Emory, WashU, Northwestern, and many many more.

Single application review

This package is for students and parents who have one specific application that they would like us to focus on. An expert counselor works with the student on every part of the application that the chosen school will receive, including the essay, activities section, resume, and any supplements. The counselor will not work with the student on supplements for any other schools, making this option ideal for students who are set on applying Early Decision or Early Action to a highly selective school and want a competitive edge.

IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY: TKG regular decision package

This package is only available after ED and EA deadlines have passed and is designed to provide support to students who were not admitted into their early decision school and are not sure what to do next. We know how stressful this time can be, so we work hand-in-hand with you and your family to revamp your application and build a comprehensive college list. We are with you every step of the way from rebuilding your essay to picking from your pile of acceptances.