Packages for Freshmen

early bird: the TKG freshman package

At The Koppelman Group, we view the college process as a marathon, not a sprint. For that reason, we like to take time before the college application process to carefully craft each student’s profile, so that by the time senior year arrives, our students have a persona that is highly appealing to their target colleges. And the earlier we start, the better.

Beginning freshman year, we work with students to create a holistic plan that sets them up for success. After an initial consultation and discussion of the student’s goals, we take 2-4 of their interests and turn them into areas of expertise that they can speak to and write about with authority. We have our younger students do readings, watch films, engage in dialogues with new mentors, and connect with real-life tangible experiences so that they go into the college application process with a exceptionally prepared profile. We also help our students navigate high school by helping them choose classes, decide on summer plans, create a comprehensive testing strategy, and anything else they may need along the way.

In Sophomore and Junior year, we continue the process by acting as our students' guide, coaching them through crucial class-, extracurricular-, and test-related decisions and answering important questions that inevitably come up along the way. 

Come Senior year, we begin working on the Common App essay and the Common App activities supplement. We also construct a detailed timeline for application season inclusive of early decision, early action, and regular decision applications. Our students apply to a number of safety, target, and reach schools. During this all-important time, our counselors are actively involved in the day-to-day process. Parents receive a status report every other week and may call, text, or email questions as needed.