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The Best Undergraduate Business Schools

We talk to a lot of clients who say they want to major in business. And while we fully support that, we encourage them (and those reading this blog post) to dig a lot deeper. Saying that you want to major in business is kind of like saying you want to read a book. There’s a million different directions you can go in. For that reason, we’ve chosen to highlight undergraduate business schools that offer a wide array of programs and opportunities. This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to do your own research as well.

Top Ten Schools for Fine Arts

This blog post is for the student that is considering pursuing a B.A. in Art, which could mean a few things. Maybe you love art but also want to take general education classes to supplement your education. Maybe you want to be able to draw, paint, or make sculptures but aren’t sure if you want to make a career out of it. Or maybe your parents won’t let you go to RISD. Keep scrolling to read about some of our favorite programs:

Best Test Optional Universities 2019-2020

While many schools still believe that SAT and ACT test scores are an important metric for evaluation, more and more universities are becoming test optional. Students can submit their scores if they want, but not doing so will not affect the evaluation of their application. Here’s a list of some of the top national universities that are test optional, which we created from a data set released on May 9th of 2019. There are additional schools on this list, but we selected the below based on interest from our client base. 

The Best Test Optional Liberal Arts Schools 2019

Standardized testing is a heavily debated topic and in recent years, more and more schools have become test optional. This means that you can submit your scores should you decide to, but not submitting them won’t affect your chances of getting in. This list is not exhaustive, but instead focuses on the top liberal arts schools that our clients and readers most commonly apply to. We created our list from a data set that was updated on May 9th of 2019.  

The Best Southeast Asian Studies Programs

We originally intended to write a blog post on the best undergraduate programs for students interested in majoring in Southeast Asian studies. We set out to find programs that would allow students to delve into the histories of Southeast Asian countries while taking classes about literature, religion, and language. The results of that search were very disappointing.

Ten Best Colleges for Pre-Med Students

If you’re serious about becoming a doctor you probably don’t need us to tell you what you’re up against. Getting into med school is not easy, and it’s important to pick an undergraduate program that sets you up for success. Generally speaking, you want to look for colleges with pre-med advising, clinical and research opportunities, and high percentages of students who ~actually~ get into med school. You can throw those buzz words into google (in fact, you definitely should) but our list is a good place to start.

Ten Best Undergraduate Non-BFA Dance Programs

We are firm believers that kids do best when they pursue their true passions. But we also understand that many parents approach certain majors and programs with a tinge of hesitation, and dance is one of those majors. In this post, we’ll focus on BA dance programs but before we begin it’s important to draw a distinction between a BA and a BFA. BFA programs tend to be more specific and technical, while getting a BA in dance generally leaves with you with more post-grad options. You should look into BA programs if you want to explore a variety of aspects related to the industry.

Best Undergraduate Non-BFA Musical Theater Programs

Parents regularly ask us whether or not their artistically inclined kids should forgo their creative urges to study something a bit more practical, like, say, finance. What sets us apart from some of the other college consulting services out there is that we like to encourage kids to pursue their passions. Whether it’s extra-curriculars, essays, or summer jobs, each component of the application process, and ultimately, the majors kids pursue in college, are going to end up being more impressive if the student is committed to what they’re doing. So, if you’re a show tunes junky with a voice of honey, we say go for it. But you better bring you’re A-game, because getting into the nation’s top musical theater programs is hardly as easy as spending a Sunday in the park with George. (We'll see ourselves out. Bye.) 

Best Colleges for Nature Lovers

There are a lot of different ways to take advantage of nature. You might love the great outdoors so much that you want to go to a school with access to hiking and skiing, or maybe you’re looking for an environmental studies program with outdoor class offerings. This list has both, but it’s not exhaustive. We’ve listed ten schools we believe are good fits for outdoor enthusiasts, but of course there are more. It’s a mix between east and west coast schools with a short explanation as to why these campuses could be a good fit.  

How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

Back in your parents or grandparents’ generation, applying to college usually meant applying to a handful of first-choice schools and calling it a day. There were no AP tests, less competition, and fewer essays to churn out. Gone are the simpler days. You might have heard recent news stories about kids applying (and being accepted into) 20+ schools, including Ivy Leagues. While we don’t think anyone should apply to 20 schools, we are encouraging our students to apply to more schools than perhaps their parents did. In our years of helping students become the strongest possible applicants they can, we have discovered a range of schools that works best for our students.

Why is the University of Michigan So Popular?

Nearly every student we work with either wants to apply to the University of Michigan or asks if they should, and about 50% end up applying. This includes kids looking to be in urban areas, or totally ok with going rural. It includes kids who want a liberal arts education and those who are certain that they want to specialize. It includes athletes and artists, bookworms and filmmakers, and city kids and suburbanites. So, it begs the question, “Why is Michigan so popular?”

Schools Similar to Princeton

We’re onto Princeton with our “School Like” series. In this series, we’re taking schools that are considered reach schools (yes, for everyone—no matter what your GPA or ACT scores are, any Ivy or equivalent will always be a reach), breaking them down into their most distinct parts, and giving you a list of schools that possess those same qualities, “vibes,” or personality. These are schools that you may not have heard of before, or perhaps that you have heard of but hadn’t previously considered. Consider this your charge to think outside the box and have an open mind.