How to Write the Colorado College Supplement 2019-2020

Colorado College has an acceptance rate of 15 percent. A private liberal arts college nestled in Colorado Springs. Its signifier is the Block Plan, a system by which students take classes for 3.5 weeks intensively, one at a time, followed by a four-day break in which everyone can take advantage of the incredible setting.  The school really wants to know that you’ll fit into the community. In fact, that’s the whole purpose of the essay.

The Best Undergraduate Business Schools

We talk to a lot of clients who say they want to major in business. And while we fully support that, we encourage them (and those reading this blog post) to dig a lot deeper. Saying that you want to major in business is kind of like saying you want to read a book. There’s a million different directions you can go in. For that reason, we’ve chosen to highlight undergraduate business schools that offer a wide array of programs and opportunities. This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to do your own research as well.

How to Write the Common App Essay Prompt #7, 2019-2020

Hello. We made it and we’re back with a final blog post on the 2019-2020 Common App prompts. We’ve analyzed and dissected all of the other Common App essay prompts from this year for you, so we’d highly recommend reading those posts if you haven’t already read them. But let’s get right to it because Prompt #7 is our personal favorite.

How to Write the Common App Essay Prompt #6, 2019-2020

We’re nearing the end! We’re running through each and every prompt option listed in the Common App 2019-2020 writing section. We’re on prompt #6 out of 7 prompts, which means you might have a good idea of which prompt you’re going to choose, or you might not have a clue and feel ravenously eager for more content. We get that. Let us present prompt #6 for your consideration, with some key suggestions. It’s a fun one.  

How to Write the Common App Essay Prompt #5, 2019-2020

Continuing our series on the Common App 2019-2020 prompts, we’re reviewing prompt #5. Read on if this prompt intrigues you, annoys you, or you just want to know our thoughts on it. We’re very opinionated, if you can’t already tell. Particularly when it comes to essays. And the titles of them. And everything in-between.

How to Write the Common App Essay Prompt #3, 2019-2020

We’re moving through these prompts in our series on the Common App essay prompts for this 2019-2020 application season. We’re going through every prompt and investigating, contemplating, and analyzing them down for parts. So many words, so little time! So little direction! It’s a lot. We know. That’s why we’re calling it like we see it with each prompt and giving you a bit of wisdom for if (and when) you’re feeling stuck. Here are our thoughts on prompt #3:

How to Write the Common App Essay Prompt #2, 2019-2020

Welcome to our overview of the Common App essay prompts for this 2019-2020 application season. We’re reviewing each prompt, discussing the pros and cons, and deciphering what it’s actually saying. We know that it can get messy and confusing because it’s overwhelming. It’s particularly overwhelming because you know that your personal essay is the most important part of your application. We’re your Google Translate for the Common App. Read on for the ins and outs of Common App prompt #2. 

How to Write the Wake Forest Supplement 2019-2020

Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, NC and has an undergraduate population of around 5,100 students. It’s a southern, small-ish, bordering on medium but not quite medium-sized school, that identifies as a collegiate university with a liberal arts curriculum. It’s test-optional, which could be appealing for some applicants, but it’s still quite competitive. Their acceptance rate has hovered around 30% for the last couple of years, though dipped a bit below last year. It’s academically rigorous and boasts a number of quite unique majors and minors that appeal to the student who has a true understanding of exactly what they want to do. For example, their sports medicine program, Elementary Education program, Business and Enterprise Management program, which is rare for a liberal arts school, and their Cultural Heritage & Preservation Studies program.

Top Ten Schools for Fine Arts

This blog post is for the student that is considering pursuing a B.A. in Art, which could mean a few things. Maybe you love art but also want to take general education classes to supplement your education. Maybe you want to be able to draw, paint, or make sculptures but aren’t sure if you want to make a career out of it. Or maybe your parents won’t let you go to RISD. Keep scrolling to read about some of our favorite programs:

Best Test Optional Universities 2019-2020

While many schools still believe that SAT and ACT test scores are an important metric for evaluation, more and more universities are becoming test optional. Students can submit their scores if they want, but not doing so will not affect the evaluation of their application. Here’s a list of some of the top national universities that are test optional, which we created from a data set released on May 9th of 2019. There are additional schools on this list, but we selected the below based on interest from our client base. 

How to Write the Swarthmore College Supplement 2019-2020

Swarthmore College is a small, liberal arts college in Swarthmore, PA. There are around 1,600 undergraduate students. So, when we say “small” we really mean it. It’s a true liberal arts college, in that it has strong roots in the arts and humanities as well as has a strong engineering program and many degree options for those oriented more towards math and science. It’s a part of the Tri-College Consortium with Bryn Mawr and Haverford, and students have the ability to take classes cross-registered with the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. It’s competitive and academically rigorous, with an acceptance rate of around 8.7% for the class of 2023. Over 11,400 applied and 995 were accepted. It’s no joke.

The Best Test Optional Liberal Arts Schools 2019

Standardized testing is a heavily debated topic and in recent years, more and more schools have become test optional. This means that you can submit your scores should you decide to, but not submitting them won’t affect your chances of getting in. This list is not exhaustive, but instead focuses on the top liberal arts schools that our clients and readers most commonly apply to. We created our list from a data set that was updated on May 9th of 2019.