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Best Test Optional Universities 2019-2020

While many schools still believe that SAT and ACT test scores are an important metric for evaluation, more and more universities are becoming test optional. Students can submit their scores if they want, but not doing so will not affect the evaluation of their application. Here’s a list of some of the top national universities that are test optional, which we created from a data set released on May 9th of 2019. There are additional schools on this list, but we selected the below based on interest from our client base. 

The Best Test Optional Liberal Arts Schools 2019

Standardized testing is a heavily debated topic and in recent years, more and more schools have become test optional. This means that you can submit your scores should you decide to, but not submitting them won’t affect your chances of getting in. This list is not exhaustive, but instead focuses on the top liberal arts schools that our clients and readers most commonly apply to. We created our list from a data set that was updated on May 9th of 2019.  

Why Did the University of Chicago Become Test-Optional?

You might have read or heard about University of Chicago’s announcement that the school is dropping the ACT/SAT requirement of its application. Previously, it was required that all applicants sit for the SAT or ACT and include the scores on their application to the university. Now, University of Chicago has gone “test-optional” along with numerous other top-tier institutions.