How to Write the Smith Supplement 2019-2020

Smith is a private, liberal arts women’s college in Massachusetts. It is the largest school of the Seven Sisters, and with an acceptance rate of approximately 32%, it is considered to be one of the top liberal arts schools in the nation. A politically active and socially conscious campus, Smith’s curriculum encourages students to participate in internships and experiential learning opportunities through various academic disciplines. And, oh yeah, it’s test optional for American citizens. 

What You Need to Know 

Before you go any further, what you want to know is that every single component of your college application has a purpose. Each little tidbit of information you painstakingly pour over is meant to tell your intended place of matriculation something about you. The supplement is supposed to tell the school to which you are applying something about who you are that is not already deducible from your resume, the classes you’ve taken, or your personal statement. In addition, it’s supposed to tell the school what part about you overlaps with what they have to offer—essentially, how you’re a match.

The Prompt  

The Smith supplement: 

We know that colleges ask a lot of hard questions on their applications. This one is not so hard and we promise, there is no hidden agenda - just have fun! If you had a theme song - a piece of music that describes you, what would it be and why? Please include the name of the song and the artist. (50- 200 words)

The funny thing about this essay prompt is—lol!—there is almost certainly a hidden agenda.

You’ve probably noticed by now, but very little in the application process is just designed to be ‘fun.’ As we said above, your supplement is designed to tell universities something about who you are. Colleges are sizing you up as the applicant, and Smith is no different. Start by honing in on a few character traits. Maybe you’re a leader, funny, or a team player. Choose one that hasn’t been fleshed out in another part of your application. Then, identify a song that really represents one of those traits.  

Song Choice  

A few notes on your song choice: Smith is a women’s college. The song you pick should probably be written, sung, or played by a woman, though it doesn’t need to be if you find something else that really works here. (If you’re a political junkie who’s passionate about the upcoming revolution, “Red & Black” from Les Miserables is perfectly acceptable.) While your song choice should be feminist, it shouldn’t pander blatantly to Smith’s personality.  Be thoughtful. “Run the World (Girls)” is awesome, but it’s probably not the best choice here because it doesn’t say much about who you actually are.

 Need some help identifying character traits to create a well-rounded application? Reach out to us here. We are experts at helping colleges get to know our students.