What To Wear On A College Tour

This has the potential to be the shortest blog post of all time because at TKG, we give our clients only one piece of advice when it comes to deciding what to wear on a college tour. We suggest wearing comfortable footwear.  

Comfortable shoes are a must because you’ll be walking around a lot. And you want to be really be able to get a feel for the campus, which requires walking quite a bit, so you don’t want be forming blisters by noon. In terms of clothing, wear whatever you want. Whatever you would wear on a Thursday at school. Whatever you would wear to grab coffee with a friend. You don’t need to dress up for a tour.

If you’re losing sleep over wearing something that is going to be off-putting, or not accepted, or seen as “uncool,” then you aren’t looking at the right school. There is absolutely no need to change who you are to fit in during college or during a school tour. So, wear what you wear every day and don’t stress about it. Spend your time getting to know the school, no matter what you’re wearing.


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