The Best Entrepreneurship Summer Programs 2019

We encourage our kids to seek the best opportunities possible each summer. Your breaks from school should be seen as time to learn and expand yourself while continuing to craft your portfolio into a body of work that brands you as an expert in some area. It’s never too early to become an entrepreneur. For those who are ambitious and destined for business, these programs might be a good place to start.

Wharton Management & Technology Summer Institute

Wharton is one of the top business schools in the nation (world). Alumni include the CEOs of Google, UPS, American Airlines, and Sysco, along with some of the world’s top financiers, tech entrepreneurs, and even politicians. In fact, Warren Buffet went there for a time, though he eventually dropped out. Wharton offers a for-credit program for rising juniors and seniors that includes labs, field trips to companies, and instruction in both innovation and management. This course is put on in conjunction with the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Wharton KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy

Knowledge@Wharton High School is a two-week intensive program for international high school students. Participants will study business concepts from renowned instructors, as well as concepts in U.S. culture. This program is a great opportunity for international students who wish to attend university in the United States to get acclimated to what student life and academia are like here.

Babson Summer Study

Babson is a private business school in Massachusetts with one of the top entrepreneurship tracks in the nation. Babson’s Summer Study offers high schoolers a chance to collaborate in venture teams and learn about design thinking. Students will engage in workshops for building prototypes, and ultimately pitch a team idea to faculty and industry experts.  

Georgetown Entrepreneurship Academy

This week-long program covers what it’s like to manage one’s own business. Students will study ethics, social responsibility, and risk management. They will also hear from industry experts and take a field trip to an incubator. The program is designed to train students in the communication and networking skills necessary to take the next step into business.  

USC Exploring Entrepreneurship

Who wouldn’t want to spend part of their summer in sunny California? Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors will have the chance to do just that. USC’s program includes guest lectures, field trips to businesses, as well as group assignments. Attendees will end the program by launching a business idea and will study ethics, human resources, branding, marketing, and finance along the way.  

Harvard Secondary School Program

Harvard offers a slew of 7-week, for-credit courses for high school students. We encourage our students to do something rigorous with their summer and taking a college course at Harvard is just that. Harvard’s offerings include a course called “Start-ups from the Perspective of Business and IP Law.” It sounds tedious, but is an impressive addition to the resume for those who are up for the challenge and want to spend the summer immersed in campus life.


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