The Best Computer Science Summer Programs 2019

We get the question all the time: how should I spend my summer? While there’s no one answer, there is a direction in which we recommend our students head during their free time, and that is to spend time doing something in which they can learn and demonstrate their new knowledge on their applications. Granted internships are hard to come by for high schoolers, summer courses are not a bad way to go. If you are going to go the summer program route, keep in mind that the program should be rigorous and should also fall under an academic niche you’ve already been exploring. For kids who intend to study computer science in college, there are an increasing number of great programs each year.

Traditional Computer Science Programs  

Cornell Engineering Experience

Cornell offers myriad summer courses for high school students interested in the sphere of engineering, including classes for those who wish to pursue computer science trajectories. But the primary reason we love this program, is because students can take two additional courses within other disciplines to round out their summer education.  A residential program for juniors and seniors, Cornell classes include lab work, projects, speakers, and field trips.

Carnegie Mellon National High School Game Academy

The NHSGA is high on our list because it is one of the few programs out there that taps into the burgeoning video game industry. Carnegie Mellon has one of the most prestigious science and tech curricula in the nation. Through this program, students with varying academic interests have access to state-of-the art technology and top-notch instruction.

Columbia Summer Emersion

If you’re going to take a summer course, you might want to do it somewhere prestigious. Students interested in engineering and computer science have six courses to choose from at each of Columbia’s two summer sessions. These three-week courses span from coding to applied analytics, and robotics. Students will get the opportunity to experience campus life at one of the nation’s top universities.

Harvard Pre-College Program  

Students can take classes in computer science and earn college credit at Harvard. Enough said.

Brown Pre-College

This program made our list because of the variety of offerings it includes. Brown offers multiple summer sessions for high schoolers ranging from one week to four weeks-long. Kids interested in computer science trajectories can choose from a suite of STEM and other related classes, from a game theory course that incorporate computer science, to computer programming, and computer-aided design, among others.

NYU Tandom Summer Program

NYU’s two summer sessions have great offerings for kids interested in computer science. Courses range from automation to coding, and robotics, as well as machine learning.  In addition, students will get to spend the summer in New York City.

Something a Little Bit Different

 Stanford AI4all

We love this program because it’s the future (in more way than one). Stanford’s three week-long AI4ALL program is designed to increase diversity in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This course seeks to encourage students from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. In addition to projects, speakers, and field trips, students will also get the chance to stay on campus and immerse themselves in campus life.   

University of Delaware Edge Program  

This three-week summer program is specifically designed for rising high school juniors and seniors. It not only ranks on our list because of the courses available, but also because there is an extension for students with disabilities. 

Google Computer Science Summer Institute 

If you’re going to do a summer program that’s not affiliated with a university, it may as well be at the ~Harvard of tech companies.~ CSSI is only offered to graduating high school seniors, making it the perfect fit for students who, perhaps, didn’t have a college consultant to help them get into their first-choice school and want to build an impressive resume so they have the option to transfer down the line. It’s also especially geared towards students from underrepresented demographics.

MIT Women’s Technology Program 

Young women wishing to attend MIT’s four-week summer program have to act early.  Unfortunately, applications are already closed for 2019, but those looking to 2020 might find the program’s lab and project-based curriculum interesting.


Need help finding the right summer program for you? Reach out to us here. We’re great at helping kids find the right fit for them when it comes to extra-curriculars.