Things Every High School Junior Should Know

Junior year is rough. There’s just no sugar-coating it. So, in this blog post, we have a few tips, as well as some thoughts to help you get through the morass.

  1. It gets better

  2. You don’t have to go to an Ivy League school

  3. Quality (of extra-curriculars, friends, parties) over quantity

  4. You don’t need the title to do the work

  5. And the work that you do is more important than the title (whatever it is you need to be able to talk about it)

  6. Do things before you think you should

  7. Identify the right teachers for your recommendations very early on

  8. Don’t fall in love with any one school

  9. Be happy for your friends when they have successes

  10. Don’t get arrested (unless you’re at a protest)

  11. Don’t get suspended

  12. Just, don’t be stupid

  13. Go to the school dance

  14. Read more books

  15. Be nice to your parents. And your siblings.

  16. Consider that someone is photographing everything you’re doing and posting it on social media

  17. Study really hard

  18. Skip the community service trip to help underprivileged kids in another country

  19. Get a job

  20. Cultivate a niche—your extra-curriculars should fit into that niche

  21. Become the president of whatever activities you’re involved with  

  22. Regulate your social media presence (schools will look, and so will your future employers)  

  23. Keep up with the news

  24. Start your own company

  25. Keep a journal

  26. Learn how to scramble an egg 

  27. Learn how to do laundry

  28. Be nice to other kids. You don’t know what they’re going through.

  29. Get published

  30. You’re probably not going to get into an Ivy

  31. Taking a college summer course does not help you get into that school

  32. Be mindful of putting things on your resume that make you look privileged 

  33. Community service is not (usually) required to get into college

  34. Your essays shouldn’t be about a life-altering or tragic event

  35. Don’t text and drive

  36. Don’t compare yourself to others

  37. Be creative in your application essays

  38. Break form in your application essays

  39. Do research for a professor one summer

  40. If you’re not going to play sports in college, don’t invest all your time in them in high school

  41. Get enough sleep. (No, we’re not joking)

  42. Exercise!

  43. Cut yourself some slack

  44. Ask for help when you need it. You’re never alone. 

  45. Try to spend more time in nature and interacting with humans than your phone  

  46. Don’t compare yourself to others (it’s so important, we’re saying it twice)

  47. Spend your summers wisely

  48. Study for your standardized tests

  49. Study some more

  50. You are more than a test score