How to Write the Smith Supplement 2018-2019

Smith is a private women’s liberal arts college located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Smith, one of the largest women’s colleges in the country, has an acceptance rate of about 37 percent. Smith students can also take classes at Hampshire College, U Mass Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst College.

We know that colleges ask a lot of hard questions on their applications. This one is not so hard and we promise, there is no hidden agenda-just have fun! If you could star in any movie, what movie would you pick and why? 200 words


So, before you answer any application question, always ask yourself: “what do they want to know about me in my answer?” This is not an Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” situation. There is often a hidden agenda, and in spite of the above claim, this question is no different.

Smith is judging you, as is every other school that asks, “what’s your favorite book, movie, etc.?” It’s kind of like when a counselor asks their campers this same, innocuous question on the first night of camp. But head’s up, kids. It’s not just an ice-breaker. The counselor wants to know which of you is shy, which one is homesick, which is the Queen B, and which one is in the corner eating paste. Except, this is college, and this college wants to know what your personality is like and what your belief system is, at least in part.

So, how to answer this question? Obviously, if we were answering honestly, we’d say “Harry Potter,” but unfortunately, we can’t say that here. Think carefully. What do you want Smith to know about you that isn’t present in your application already? Good Will Hunting evokes something very different from Legally Blonde.

Consider the thing you want Smith to know about you and then figure out what movie you can show that through. A lot of people pick an answer they think will show something profound. Don’t do that. Don’t pick Citizen Kane.

Also, Smith is a women’s college. So, unless you’re really, really clear about why you made the choice to choose a man, pick a woman.

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