How to Write the Boston University Supplement 2018-2019

Boston University is a private, research university located in Boston. Situated along the Charles River, BU boasts a 2017 admission rate of 36 percent. The BU supplement is just one question. In this post, we will discuss how to best answer it:

What about being a student at Boston University most excites you? (250 words)

This question is straightforward. There are no hidden tricks. You just need to demonstrate three things: 1) You’ve done your research. 2) You’re the perfect candidate and 3) You can write a cohesive essay. Start off by going down the rabbit hole of research. Learn what you can about the campus, the academic offerings, the professors, and the student life. If you are genuinely a good fit, things should start to pique your interest. If nothing about this school excites you, well, you probably shouldn’t apply.

250 words isn’t a lot, but you should probably start off by identifying a specific academic interest. DO NOT say you’re undecided about your major (even if you are) and do not diverge from whatever you excelled at or demonstrated an interest in in high school. So, if you were the president of the Young Democrats and were the top student in Government, don’t all of a sudden say that you want to try a Biology major. Remember, the application is non-binding. Your academic advisor will likely never see this. You’re free to try Bio when you get to Boston, but for now, it’s about playing the game and getting in. Talk about a specific class or professor and then talk about an extra-curricular you’re excited to pursue at the school. Again, this should be in line with your current verticals of interest.

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