2018 Junior (Rising Senior) Parent Checklist

If you’re the parent of a rising senior who is just finishing up their junior year, odds are that you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the deadlines, to-dos, and applications that will surely be coming your kid’s way. Stress is undoubtedly transferable, and any stress that you or your kid might be feeling will inevitably make its way to your family and your home. We want to help prevent that as much as we possibly can by helping you stay organized.

The best suggestion that we have for you is to write it all down in a central place so that you and your child can see everything that needs to get done. We’ve had families who use whiteboards, shared Google Docs, or apps like Evernote. Whatever works for you, best to work it out now in a way that your student likes as well so that they will use it. If they’re not looking at it every day, then it’s useless.

Here’s the thing about summer: it’s prime time for vacations. It’s also the most important time in the admissions process. What we tell all of our families who are about to start their applications is that they should schedule their vacations for winter break, because we will have everything done well before the December early decision reveal. But this summer is a crucial period of time when students either make the most of their time off or completely squander it, and we hate when it’s the latter. Summer is a great time to spend time reading and writing. 

We’ve compiled all of the deadlines and to-dos that we’re running through with our students right now and listed it below for your use.

Parent Checklist

Deadline: now  

  • Create Common Application account
  • Register for any last-minute tests in August (SAT and SAT Subject Tests) or September (ACT)
  • Schedule out any college visits you’ll be making this summer, though we really recommend waiting until fall when classes are in session

Hot tip: there is a July sitting for the ACT [the registration deadline is June 15!], just not in New York. New Yorkers, you can venture to New Jersey. We know you can do it.)

If you haven’t already, have your student reach out to and introduce themselves to their college counselor. They’re a big part of this process.

Deadline: by the start of senior year

  • Finalized school list (with varied reach, target, and safety selections)
  • Complete of the Common Application
  • Early decision or early action applications complete (essays and all)
  • Read up on the difference between ED I, ED II, EA, etc. by clicking the link above.
  • Schedule and register for last minute college tours
  • Reach out to college counselor to ensure they’ve sent transcripts in on time (in a nice way)
  • Dates marked in your calendar to send test scores to schools!
  • October 1 is the latest you should be sending your test scores for early decision schools
  • December 1 for regular decision schools.
  • Take a look at this post for the latest tests you can take depending on the school you’re applying to

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions that you might have that pertain to your individual child. We’re here to help.