When Should I Take SAT II Subject Tests?

Some background information on SAT II’s: it’s true that many colleges are weeding these out of the application process, but not ALL colleges are weeding them out. TKG students take at least two SAT2s. Generally speaking, throughout the course of your high school career you should take 1-2 in the STEM field and 1-2 in the humanities. We always say that it’s better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them.

Here’s the beauty of the subject tests: they’re one hour long, can be taken at any time during high school, and they’re about knowing the subject matter and information on the test. They’re not like the SAT’s: you don’t need an in-depth testing strategy, an after school tutor, or late nights pulling your hair out while you study.  

Regarding timing, there is no reason that you have to take every single test junior year and we are big fans of spreading things out over time. Junior year is extremely busy as it is. But at the very least, you should probably take 1 test in June of your junior year.

Our ideal student takes one SAT2 test freshman year. In fact when we start working with students their freshman year, they’ll always take at least one. Why? Because you’ll get a test out of the way.

For freshman and sophomores, we suggest looking at your class schedule and seeing what tests you feel confident taking at the end of both years. This way you’ll start junior year with at least two tests scores in your back pocket. It’s better to take the tests when the information is fresh in your mind instead of going back and “spending the summer studying,” which no one wants to do.

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