If I am Deferred Early Decision is it Still Binding?

The short answer is absolutely not, but please do keep reading.

If you are deferred early decision, you’re placed in the regular decision pool. Schools want to see if your application holds up against the influx of applications coming their way in January. There are some exceptions, but if you’re deferred early decision, you have a very slim chance of getting in at all.

We understand that getting deferred is a horrible feeling. We work with a lot of students that just got deferred and have 2-3 weeks to churn out the rest of their applications, and what we like to do at TKG is spend some time with those students and help them reevaluate why they applied early decision in the first place. This is very important.

After you finish the rest of your applications, give yourself space to consider the following:

·      Why did I apply to X school early?

·      Did it have anything to do with a family member going there? Or a close friend?

·      Did any part of me apply early to get the application out of the way?

·      What was my initial feeling when I found out I was deferred?

·      At any point while I was waiting for the decision to come along did I wonder if I made the right choice by applying early?

·      Can I see myself being happy at another school?

The answers are up to you, but these are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself. Outside of finishing the rest of your applications, the most important thing you do after being deferred is give yourself permission to think about what you really want.   

Once you’ve really thought about it, you’ll be better suited to handle what’s to come. You’ll likely have more options to consider and need to give yourself space to figure out what’s best for you.


We know that deferrals can be tough. We’re here to help you tie up loose ends.