How To Write a Thank You Note After Your Alumni Interview

Once you submit your application, many colleges will pair you with an alumnus or alumna for an “Alumni Interview.” These interviews occur in coffee shops in person, sometimes they happen in college and university clubhouses in your town, or they might even happen over Skype. For help preparing for your Alumni Interview, refer here. This post is all about the follow-up--namely, the thank you note that you will send to your alum interviewer explaining how appreciative you are and how great it was to speak with them. We’ve outlined a general thank you note below, but it will be crucial to insert some specifics.

We suggest immediately jotting down some key conversation points once the interview is over. What is important is to touch upon some important items that the two of you talked about--this is the time to recap your conversation. Remind them of specific things you talked about and anything particularly interesting. Remember that everything you send the university goes into your file, so use this as an opportunity to bolster your application a little more. As always, keep it short and sweet.


Dear ______,

I want to thank for taking the time to meet with me [yesterday/today/on Monday]. I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing more about [talk about something that they shared with you that you found interesting, perhaps related to their time at the college or university you applied to, or perhaps not. This depends on how the conversation went.]

I appreciate your patience with me and the fact that you answered my questions so thoroughly and thoughtfully. I remain incredibly interested in and enthusiastic about [college/university], and I am so happy that I was able to meet with you. I hope you have a great [week/weekend] !

All my best,



We know that these interviews can be stressful, but think of them more as informational meetings and less like an interview. Alumni interviews often don’t have significant bearing on your admissions decision, but they can really only help improve your file. Let us know if you need help with any interview prep or thank you notes! Happy to help however we can or answer any questions.