What is ZeeMee?

When you apply to college, you have to deal with a number of programs and websites. You sign up for the Common App, you might have to create a Slideroom account, all the while you’re handling updating your Instagram and not getting behind on your Snapchat streak. Then, all of a sudden you hear about “ZeeMee.” So... What exactly is it?

It’s a social media-esque profile that you create and can link to your Common App profile by entering the URL in a field. You sign up for a ZeeMee account and from there, you can enter in information about yourself and create photo albums detailing different targeted activities such as trips, internships, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. If you log on to the website, ZeeMee is pretty aesthetically enticing. It’s colorful and there are many options. You can even film a video to introduce yourself to those viewing your profile. Friends who also have ZeeMee accounts can endorse you for various qualities similar to LinkedIn in a feature called “Shoutouts.” 

This is an introductory video and profile information:

This is ZeeMee’s version of an “About Me”:

The aforementioned endorsement-esque “Shoutouts” capability

Photo albums highlighting activities and trips:

As you can see, Lua chose to highlight travel experiences, extracurricular activities, and interests alike. So, should you sign up for a ZeeMee account and link it to your Common App profile? We say no.

All in all, we say steer clear of ZeeMee. It’s fun to look at, sure, but it’s ultimately a huge waste of your time. Colleges have not discussed how they weigh these profiles within the context of the admissions process and we believe that you can better spend your time elsewhere on your application. For example, making your essay the best it can possibly be. ZeeMee is a distraction and very well may be a fleeting trend. We’ve advised all of our students to do something else with their time, and that specific advice hasn’t steered anyone wrong.

Let us know if you have any questions at all about ZeeMee or any other aspect of the college application process that might be unclear to you.