Congratulations to the TKG Class of 2017!

Over the past month our seniors have been receiving their acceptance letters and we’re so excited to share that this year’s class was our most exceptional to date. If we learned one thing during this admission cycle, it’s that the creative and quirky essays work. Our students wrote incredibly dynamic stories that made admission committees laugh and cry. They wrote supplements in Haikus and rhymes, and relentlessly pushed the limits of what they thought was possible. And it paid off. 88% of our students got into their #1 school, and 100% were admitted to one of their top two schools. Now, our students find themselves in the most ideal predicament: they have to choose which schools to attend. We’re so proud of our students and we can’t wait to see where they decide to go.

The Class of 2017 gained admission to:

  1. Harvard

  2. Princeton

  3. Yale

  4. Columbia

  5. Dartmouth

  6. Cornell

  7. Penn

  8. Boston College

  9. Colgate

  10. Duke

  11. Fordham

  12. George Washington University  

  13. Georgetown

  14. Hamilton

  15. Lehigh

  16. Michigan

  17. Middlebury

  18. Northeastern

  19. NYU

  20. Penn State

  21. Skidmore

  22. The New School

  23. Tufts

  24. Tulane

  25. UC Berkeley

  26. UCLA

  27. UCSB

  28. University of Miami

  29. University of Rochester

  30. University of Vermont

  31. USC

  32. UVA

  33. Vassar

  34. Wake Forest

  35. Wesleyan

Go get ‘em.