Regular Decision Notification Dates For Spring 2017

The release dates for regular decision are right around the corner. Many of the colleges you’ve applied to will email you with their specific deadlines, but some might leave you waiting for the surprise. We’ve compiled a list of deadlines of some of the top schools. If we’ve missed a school you’re applying to and you would like us to find out the information, just shoot us an email.

School Regular Notification Date
Amherst Around April 1
Barnard Late March
Bates April 1
Boston College April 1
Boston University End of March
Bowdoin Early April
Brandeis April 1
Brown End of March
Cal Tech Mid-March
Carnegie Mellon No later than April 15
Claremont McKenna April 1
Colby April 1
Colgate April 1
College of William & Mary By April 1
Columbia Late March
Cornell Early April
Dartmouth Late march
Davidson April 1
Duke April 1
Emory April 1
Georgetown April 1
Georgia Institute of Technology March 11
Hamilton Late March
Harvard Late March
Harvey Mudd Mailed April 1
Haverford Early April
Johns Hopkins April 1
Middlebury March 18 after 8AM
MIT Mid-March
Northeastern By April 1
Northwestern Late March
NYU April 1
Pomona By April 1
Princeton March 31
Rice April 1
RPI March 11
Smith Mailed March 24/Online available after 6pm on March 24
Stanford April 1
Swarthmore April 1
Tufts April 1
Tulane April 1
U Chicago Late March
U Michigan April-no specified date
U Notre Dame Beginning of April
U Penn April 1
U Rochester April 1
UC Berkeley End of March
UCLA Late March
UCSB Mid-March-March 30
UNC Chapel Hill End of March
USC April 1
UVA End of March
Vanderbilt April 1
Vassar Late March
Wake Forest April 1
Wash U St. Louis Mailed April 1
Wellesley Late March
Wesleyan Late March
Williams April 1
WPI April 1
Yale By April 1