Should I Pay to Expedite My ACT or SAT Scores?

We know that you’ve all been listening very carefully every time we’ve told you to hand in your application materials by the deadlines. So, we’re sure that this blog post doesn’t really pertain to you who managed your time well, sent in everything months ago and have just been relaxing with your feet up. But in case you’re wondering what our hypothetical advice to those racing against the clock, wondering if they should pay to have their test scores expedited would be, here it is:

Today’s Answer

If you are literally reading this post on the day it was published, then yes, by all means, expedite. There’s no reason (other than the fee) not to.  

Here’s How

  1. First, sign into your College Board account  
  2. Click on the button that says “send available scores”
  3. Search for the college to whom you’d like to send your scores
  4. On the screen that says “review your order,” select the “rush reporting” option
  5. Send your scores

There is also an option to rush your scores by mail.

Your Scores May Still Be Late

That being said, the expediting process takes a few days (two to four to be exact). So if you’re reading this on October 31st, don’t expect it to get there by tomorrow.

We know what you’re thinking. “But wait...doesn’t that mean I could be LATE on a deadline?!!”

Well, technically, yes. We know this goes against everything we’ve been saying all year in telling you to never miss a deadline, but just know that for SAT/ACT scores, you have a little bit of leeway. Just don’t be late on handing in your Common App.

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