When is the Last Time I Can Take the SAT for Regular Decision?

By: Caroline Koppelman

We recommend taking the SAT/ACT early so that you feel less stress during the college application process. If you find yourself needing to take a last minute exam, it can be hard to figure out which test dates will still be accepted by specific universities for regular decision.

The deadlines for test score submissions vary based on the school. For that reason, we have researched and generated a list that outlines each school and its specific regular decision deadline for taking the SAT, ACT, and SAT II. We break down the chart by school, test type, and final test date for the regular decision deadline so that the information is easy to navigate. 

If you are looking to send scores to a school that is not featured on this list, please contact us with the school name and we will reply with the information as quickly as possible.

**Sent directly: when you take the SAT, you check a box that sends “send my scores directly,” and you write the school’s SAT code. Sending scores directly means that College Board sends your scores when they finish grading the test, without you seeing them first. 
^^^Other tests will be used until they receive your scores: This is used when there are such a large number of applicants that the school cannot guarantee they will receive and review your scores on time, even if you send them directly. All applicants to these schools should have a complete set of test scores sent by the November deadline. 

National Universities

Liberal Arts Schools