Best Test Optional National Universities

By: Caroline Koppelman

As we mentioned last week, many colleges are moving towards becoming test optional. Liberal arts schools are definitely leading this trend, but some top universities have hopped on board. Here is a list of the top test optional national universities. 

  1. Wake Forest University 
  2. Brandeis University 
  3. University of Texas - Austin 
  4. George Washington University 
  5. Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
  6. Texas A&M University 
  7. American University 
  8. Clark University  
  9. University of Delaware 
  10. Duquesne University  
  11. Temple University 
  12. University of Arizona 
  13. DePaul University 
  14. The Catholic University of America  
  15. The New School  
  16. Arizona State University 
  17. Hofstra University 
  18. George Mason University 
  19. University of Mississippi 
  20. University of Texas - Dallas
  21. Washington State University 
  22. Kansas State University 
  23. University of Massachusetts - Lowell 
  24. Virginia Commonwealth University 
  25. University of Nevada - Reno