When Is The Last Time I Can Take The SAT or SAT 2 For Early Decision Schools?

By: Caroline Koppelman

Early decision school applications are due in the beginning in November on either November 1st or November 15th. Early decision has increased in popularity over the past few years as many people believe that there is a significant advantage to applying early. While there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to applying ED, we always want to make sure our students know about the different testing deadlines. Can they take a November SAT and have it count? Do they have to send the scores directly?

For the Fall of 2016, a September and October ACT are offered. The September ACT will absolutely qualify for all Early Decision schools, and most schools with accept the October ACT. The October ACT is on October 22nd and should get to schools before the admissions committee makes their decision.   

The SAT is offered in October and November for the fall of 2016. The October 1st SAT qualifies for all early decision applications, but the November 5th one depends on the school. Most schools that accept the November SAT will want you to have your scores rush delivered, and strongly suggest taking all of your tests before the November application deadline. Some of them require that you take the SAT at another point (for example in your Junior year or earlier in your senior year) and will update your application with the November SAT score. Others, like Oberlin, simply want you to email them saying that you are taking the test in November and they won’t evaluate your application until College Board has sent your scores. 

IMPORTANT: While all these schools may accept test scores from as late as November, we strongly recommend that if you get your tests done well before then, and ideally by the end of your Junior year. If you’re reading this as a Freshmen, Sophomore, or Junior, you have more than enough time to plan ahead. It’s the easiest thing to cross off your worries checklist before college application deadlines roll around. 

Below is a table with each school’s specific deadlines. 

**Sent directly: when you take the SAT, you check a box that sends “send my scores directly,” and you write the school’s SAT code. Sending scores directly means that College Board sends your scores when they finish grading the test, without you seeing them first. 

^^^Other tests will be used until they receive your scores: This is used when there are such a large number of applicants that the school cannot guarantee they will receive and review your scores on time, even if you send them directly. All applicants to these schools should have a complete set of test scores sent by the November deadline. 

*^* No early decision: Applications due on November 30th but can take tests in December.

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