About Caroline Koppelman, Founder of TKG

Caroline Koppelman is the founder and CEO of The Koppelman Group (TKG). She started the firm when she was 19 after discovering she had a knack for understanding the college application system. It seemed that every friend and family member whose application she worked on got admission to their top-choice school. And when friends of hers received acceptance letters from Harvard and Stanford, she knew she needed to start a business.

TKG has grown substantially since its inception. Over the past five years, TKG has helped scores of bright students from across the country succeed in the college process.

Caroline and TKG have a holistic approach to applying to college. With admission rates steadily decreasing every year, she has developed a unique approach that is closely tailored to the very system by which applications are reviewed and scored by admissions committees.

As the CEO of TKG, Caroline is responsible for architecting each student’s unique strategy and approach. She speaks at high schools frequently about the college admission process. Caroline has helped students gain admission to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Brown, Stanford, Washington University in St. Louis, NYU, UCLA, University of Michigan, UNC Chapel Hill, Georgetown, and more. Caroline studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at The University of Pennsylvania.